How to Promote Web Hosting Business?


You might searching the ideals to promote your web hosting business? Well, your search ends here. Today I am gonna tell you, some working methods to promote your hosting business. This all methods are personally tested by me 🙂 So let’s start.

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1. Add Your Website on Review Websites 

We love see reviews before buying any mobile/laptop right? Same for web hosting. Web hosting buyers would love to check your website review before purchasing your service. Also it’s very important to increase your brand visibility on the industry. So, listing your website on review website is very important. There are lots of review websites some of them are,,

2. Participate on Web Hosting Forums

It’s another proven method to drive visitors to your web hosting website. Join various popular web hosting forums, engage with another members, help them on their issues, and in the signature section add your website link for backlink. Ofcourse read the forum rules before doing this. All web hosting forums having offer section, where you can post your website offers, use that. That will give you free traffic and genuine sales. Some popular web hosting forums are,,

3. Regularly Email Your Customers

Yes, it’s important to regularly email your emails, so they can remember you. Don’t just send spam emails like 50% discount click here etc, send professional emails that you think would be helpful for your customers. Like weekly roundup of your blog posts, case study, positive review of your website, product updates etc. Try to keep junk email minimal. Built trust & relationship at first. Then sell your products. Some popular email marketing providers are,,

4. Create Your Tutorial Videos Under Your Niche

Videos are the future. Now a days people like to watch videos instead of blogs or articles. Join on YouTube, create tutorials, build audience, build trust. Add your website link on description selection. You will start getting visitors from YouTube.

HostGoi Web Hosting

5. Increase Your Network on LinkedIn

Signup for LinkedIn, create your connection under the same niche, always try to connect other web hosting owners. Follow them, wish them on their birthdays, new roles, surely they will check your profile once, so make your website professional like a businessman. So, don’t behave like a salesman, behave like a businessman. No one would like to see a junk message on their inbox. Also, don’t post your website link on your walls, instead of that help others, make connection, built relationship and then talk about your products, be sure they’re in same niche.

6. Do Sponsorship Program

Look into your customer’s websites, found a tech forum, or blog which have good amount of monthly traffic. Sponsor them free web hosting by exchange promoting your website banners or links.

7. Focus On Affiliate Program

Word of mouth is very powerful, people believe in suggestions, recommendation, that’s why it’s important to focus on affiliate program. If you’re still not activated affiliate program for your hosting company, then do it today. Set handsome commission for your affiliate program users, create some beautiful banners which your affiliate users can showcase on their website or share on social media.

That’s all for now, hope you have liked this article. If you have any feedback or suggestion feel free to comment down below.

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