Gmail’s ‘Dynamic Email’ Feature is Rolling Out


A couple of months ago, Google made an announcement about its new feature – dynamic email for users of Gmail.
Uptill now, this feature was available only for the desktop version of Gmail and Google’s G Suite subscribers. But now on, this will be available to all users of emailing service. They have started rolling out the dynamic Gmail feature and will be available soon. This really makes emails very interactive in Gmail. The basic idea behind this new feature is to allow you to do more from one single tab instead of switching to multiple tabs.

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According to Google, with this feature, your emails remain updated so you will see all the latest information. You can take actions such as filling forms, browsing a catalog, RSVP-ing to an event or responding to a comment. Let’s take an example of Google Docs, when someone mentions you in the comment, instead of getting an email notification, you will get an up-to-date thread. This makes it easy for replying to a comment, within the mail itself.

With dynamic email, you’ll be able to search for recommended hotels from OYO room and check its complete details with just a few clicks rather than opening a new tab. A meeting can be responded without the need of opening another tab. Moreover, other businesses like redBus,, Freshworks and more have taken their first step in using dynamic email and this has helped them in making email more interactive.

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Google has said that dynamic email will be rolled out eventually, so this feature may not be available right away to you. According to the search titan, it can even take up to 15 days for this new feature to be available to you.

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