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The First 3 Things To Do After Getting a SSL Certificate


The internet is a pretty dangerous place. Unlike the real world, the internet is still in it’s infancy , as such most people still have a very brief idea of what the world wide web is capable of. Your website , which might seem to you as secured as a fort on an island, is probably open to a ton of security holes you have no clue about. A SSL certificate fills up a lot of these holes, all alone...

What is an SSL Certificate?


An SSL Certificate is a digitally signed certificate that establishes the identity of a website and uses encryption to send data to the website. The certificate is issued by a trusted authority known as a Certificate Authority (CA) and typically contains information like the Owner’s name, Name of issuer,  the certificate holder’s public key and an expiration date. SSL Certificates are generally...

What is Dedicated IP Address?


What is a shared ip ? Every domain name that is home to a website has an IP address assigned to it. An IP address is the real address of a website or server. Domain names were developed because it was too difficult to remember long IP numbers like In shared hosting, a single IP address is shared amongst hundreds of different websites, i.e. hundreds of domains can resolve to the same...

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