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How To Change Default SSH Port On Linux/Unix Server (Beginners Guide)


Changing Default SSH Port (22) is recommended to avoid bot attacks, brute-force attacks, and several hacking attacks on server. Most of the hosting companies offer default 22 port which is well known by hackers, so you might have seen a message on your SSH something like that: “There were 47183 failed login attempts since the last successful login.” If you are getting this kind of message in your...

How to Install cPanel/WHM on CentOS 7 Cloud Server?


Hello, In this tutorial, I will show you how you can install cPanel/WHM control panel in CentOS 7 Cloud Server. Let’s start! 1. At first login into your SSH with root account. Then run the below command. yum update -y 2. Then you need to install Perl in the server. So run the below command. yum install -y perl 3. Then you need to set a hostname for your server, because cpanel required a...

10 Crucial Linux Terms That You Need To Know


Linux is one of favorite operating systems of programmers and developers. There are a lot of reasons behind Linux being the superior platform for executing development work. The only issue is that understanding Linux and working with it might get a little intimidating at times especially if you have been working with some other operating system. You might have to deal with some unfamiliar terms...

Setting Up Your Own Server – A Step-by-Step Guide


Ever thought of keeping your data in a place where you could access it easily without it crowding your phone or laptop with just an internet connection at your service? If yes, then a personalised server is the answer to all questions. Setting up your own server is simple and can help you store any type of files viz. Photos, music, documents etc. which you can then easily share with people...

Connect To Ubuntu 16.04 | 17.10 | 18.04 Desktop Via Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) With Xrdp


Want to connect to Ubuntu desktop from your Windows 10 machine via remote desktop connection? Well, it’s possible with xrdp opensource tool.. In most cases, VNC server and other opensource remote connection tools are the only options available to Linux users… You don’t see tool supporting Microsoft Remote Desktop Connction (RDP) protocols to connect to Linux desktop… The only tool that gets this...

Migration Guide from cPanel and Plesk to Directadmin


Introduction This article contains information about migration from cPanel to the latest available DirectAdmin version. There is currently no conversion tool which will help you migrate your Plesk accounts to DirectAdmin directly. However, there is a workaround where you can first convert to cPanel and then use this article to convert to DirectAdmin. You can use our migration guide for cPanel to...

Migration Guide from Directadmin or Plesk to cPanel


Introduction This article contains information about migration from DirectAdmin and Plesk to the latest available cPanel version. These methods can also be used by upgrading your hardware to one of our newer dedicated servers or upgrading your OS to a newer version. Prerequisites Note that we will use the root account for logging in, this is done for demonstration purpose only. You should use an...

SSL Installation for NGINX with Core Ubuntu


To generate a CSR on Ubuntu (Nginx), please do the following: Step 1 – Access your server via your terminal client (ssh). The first step will be generating the private key.  At the prompt, type: openssl genrsa -out [private-key-file.key] 2048 Step 2 – Now, the private key has been generated, run the below command to generate the CSR. openssl req -new -key [private-key-file.key] -out [CSR-file...

How to install Varnish on cPanel?


People love fast loading sites. This is especially true for customers visiting e-commerce websites. An average customer will be happy, more satisfied and will likely to visit your site again thus increasing your conversion rate. On the flipside, users have no patience for slow loading websites.  According to Google, 53% of consumers are likely to abandon sites that take more than 3 seconds to...

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