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Founded in 2017, HiValidity is a world-class managed WordPress hosting provider powered by Google’s insanely fast, and ridiculously stable cloud infrastructure.

We designed and fine-tuned the solution for websites using the world’s largest CMS and e-commerce platform – WordPress and WooCommere, and have a dedicated support team consisting exclusively of WordPress developers.


At HiValidity, our mission is to deliver the most value-packed, premium-performance WordPress hosting plans available anywhere.

By doing this, we make businesses more profitable, developers more productive, web designers more creative, IT managers’ lives easier, and contribute to making the internet an overall better and happier place.


In 2017, a small team of WordPress developers and system admins in Dehradun founded an Information technology company with one goal in mind: to empower freelancers, developers, web designers, and business owners to build and launch amazing WordPress sites instead of dealing with servers and hosting issues.

They accomplished this by providing managed WordPress hosting with fast, reliable servers and friendly, knowledgeable support.


We are keenly aware that people — real people with lives, businesses, and families — have entrusted us with keeping their WordPress websites up, safe, and running their best.

That’s why HiValidity is committed to delivering exceptional performance, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 support delivered by real-world experts, access to knowledgebase, and an easy to use dashboard to make managing multiple websites as simple as possible.